Big Brother 2017: Deborah Agboola leaves Rebecca Jane raging after a 'low blow'

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Deborah Agboola and Rebecca Jane have a nasty argument in tonight's Big Brother 2017.

In this evening's episode, the Big Brother Village has fallen into disarray for this week’s shopping task.


Sukhvinder and Kayleigh are elected as Mayor and deputy Mayor of BB village after they were deemed the bossiest housemates by viewers. They assign jobs to the village residents, who are tasked with looking after some VIP celeb guests.

But the task ends in tears as an argument kicks off in the house when Chanelle and Ellie sit down to eat their dinner before the rest of the housemates and Imran calls them “selfish”.

Hannah and Lotan then come to blows over the dinner fall out.

Deborah then stood up for her sister, which led to them both arguing with Rebecca and Lotan when she was branded "aggressive".

Deborah told Rebecca: "I'm cool with everyone, I don't know about this aggressive stuff. You're the one who's going psycho for someone who doesn't even want you."


"Are you f**king for real?!" snapped Rebecca. "That's a low blow."

"I can be petty. I can be very petty," replied Deborah.

"F**k off. You're just nasty, nasty," raged Rebecca.

Lotan told Deborah: "Don't get personal."

But she responded: "If someone tells me I'm being aggressive, what do you think I am? I will go personal, that's something I do, that's what I do.

"I ain't stepped on anyone's toes so no one should come step on mine. I didn't ask for your side, I don't have to talk to you and that's a fact."


In scenes that will be shown in tonight's highlights, celebrity guest Gemma Collins jumps out of bed on hearing the row: “I’ve gotta go and watch this”


Mayor Sukhvinder soon gets involved too before escorting Hannah to the Diary Room to calm things down.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5 with the latest episode at 10PM on Wednesday night.

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