Big Brother 2017: Lotan Carter and Kieran Lee work up a sweat

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Lotan Carter and Kieran Lee put on a show in the Big Brother 2017 house today.

And it's fair to say the girls were enjoying what they were seeing.


Ellie Young remarked as the guys worked out in the garden "I love a good show in the morning."

She added: "This is better entertainment than you get in an all inclusive holiday."

It seems Ellie has bounced back from last night's show where she was in tears over Lotan Carter's ex girlfriend.

Ellie got upset in the smoking area, after hearing Lotan talk about his ex.

She later told Lotan in the storeroom: "I just think you're amazing, I'm really worried the girl who you are in love with is going to hate me. I'm really worried about."


"She would love you," Lotan encouraged.

"Obviously you know I'm attracted to you and I couldn't wish you more happiness," Ellie continued, "I really, really hope you get the love of your life, I really do."

Lotan told her: "I wouldn't ever worry if I were you. I know how I feel about her, I know how she feels about me.

"She will not allow herself to be with me again and that's okay and it's going to take a lot of time if ever, to get past it. I'm not going to ruin my life because of it or stop being friends with people I like."

Meanwhile, celebrity guest Marnie Simpson has revealed a crush on Keiran.


She said in the Diary Room: "I don't fancy him... I just think he's easy on the eye. I'd snog him but I feel that girl's [Rebecca] really hung up on him and I couldn't do that."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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