Love Island's Sam Gowland has THREE girls after him after being dumped by Olivia Attwood

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Montana Brown, Tyne-Lexy Clarson and Chloe Crowhurst are all chasing Sam Gowland on Love Island 2017.

With Chloe having split with Chris Hughes, and Montana still searching for her own Mr Right, both ladies were anxious about their future in the villa yesterday.


Having parted ways with Olivia Attwood, both ladies earmarked Sam as their possible saving grace.

But with time ticking for them both, and with new girl Tyne-Lexy continuing her own graft in a bid to stay in the villa, Montana admitted she was getting nervous: “What are we going to do? I just want another boy to come in. Technically only one girl needs to go. I think it will be Tyne. Because I don’t think Sam fancies her.

Montana and Chloe chat - Love Island
Montana and Chloe chat.

"At the end of the day, he knows you and me a lot more than her, and I don’t think he fancies her at all. I think Sam’s a lot more likely to pick you and me.”

While not averse to a re-coupling with Sam, Montana admitted she was becoming tired of pairing up with her friends and was still keen to find real romance: “I would like to couple up with Sam for the next re-coupling.

"We get on really well, we’re good friends. We get along, he’s a good-looking guy but it would just be as friends. I’m really sick of partnering up with people who are just mates. I’m like friend zoned 24/7.”

Sam acknowledged his newly acquired power as the re-coupling approached, as he mulled over a future coupling with Montana: “It’s a bit of a three way horse race. Not so much through my eyes. But people see me in a strong position because I’m a single lad and there’s three single birds.

"I think at the minute, if I had ten eggs, I’d say seven are in Montana’s basket.”

For Tyne-Lexy meanwhile, time was running out as she set about forming a last minute connection with Sam: “Sam has Chloe, Montana and myself as options in the villa.

Love Island 2017: Chloe
Love Island 2017: Chloe

"I know that Montana and Sam are really close, but I don’t know if that’s a sort of friend zone situation which it would be good because me and Sam don’t even have a friendship so it’s not like we’ve got that awkwardness of ‘we’re friends, can we push it further?’


"It’s kind of like ‘we’re two strangers, can we get to know each other a bit more?’ Can something potentially grow from that? That might be my advantage over the other two girls.”

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

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