Love Island spoiler! Camilla Thurlow and Jonny Mitchell row over feminism

Love Island 2017 spoilers

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Camilla Thurlow and Jonny Mitchell come to blows in tonight's Love Island 2017.

The previously loved up couple's potential future together looks in doubt after a row about feminism.


It all started with a discussion over girls paying for meals on a date.

Jonny said: “Yeah, I'd pay. With my ex for five years, I don’t remember her paying for a thing. She did offer, but in the end she just stopped offering.”

“Oh gosh, but surely at the beginning it’s better to go halves because you don’t know how it’s going to pan out," Camilla suggested.

“I don’t think so. I feel almost emasculated if a girl paid," admitted Jonny.

“Really? I’d feel so awkward if I didn’t pay half," Camilla said.


“I wouldn’t let you pay. Honestly, I wouldn’t. I’d find it really awkward. Totally. You’re a feminist aren’t you?” asked Jonny.

“Shouldn’t we all be feminists? Surely you believe in equality," replied Camilla

Love Island 2017: Camilla
Love Island 2017: Camilla

“Oh I believe in equality but I feel like feminism believes in almost inequality," said Jonny. “The majority of feminists, real feminists, believe in a slope towards them, rather that towards men.”

Camilla explained: “I don’t think it’s that, but I think it’s difficult for men to see that there’s been several generations which have been preferential towards men and therefore to redress the balance, there has to be in some way an active movement towards equality.”

The pair then discussed women in politics and top jobs, with Jonny coming to the conclusion: “I believe that women almost have more opportunities.”

“I don’t really think that’s a massively controversial comment to make. I think that’s my opinion. It’s like me asking who you voted for in the election, if it weren’t the same as me getting upset about it.” Jonny told the beach hut.

Jonny's thoughts on the topic left Camilla in tears.

She sobbed: “I’m so stupid, this is actually what I didn’t want to do. Start liking someone before I got to know them. Because this is what happens when you move too quickly, then you find something out and then you just know this could never go anywhere.”


“Sometimes when you get to know a bit more about a person you might realise that there are certain things that you don’t see eye to eye on. Some things that Jonnny said this evening I found difficult to hear.” Camilla admitted in the Beach Hut

“How could I have been so stupid to kiss someone that I don’t know. I don’t know anything about him. For me that’s a big deal now," she added. “I can barely look at him, let alone try and talk to him.”

Jonny later defended his position after overhearing Camilla talking about him to the other girls: “It’s the same opinion, it’s just slightly different. I’m not saying women shouldn’t have equal rights, I’m just saying I think they do have more equal rights than she seems to think.

Love Island 2017 Jonny
Love Island 2017: Jonny

"She’s there going in on me, saying I’m rude, and she’s saying I never clean up. She gets upset when people bitch and she’s upset bitching about me to get the girls.”

Jonny concluded: “I’m not going to pursue it anymore. In the space of 24 hours, it’s just done a whole 360. I can’t even get on with her that well can I? Last night, that was not necessary.


" It’s an opinion. In a relationship, do people share the same opinions dead on?”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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