Big Brother 2017: Watch as celebrities arrive in the house

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Here's a first look at tonight's Big Brother 2017 as three celebrity guests arrive.

Yesterday morning the housemates woke up to find out the bungalow had been transformed in to 'Big Brother's Village'.


As part of a brand new task, former CBB housemates Marnie Simpson, Nicola McLean and Gemma Collins have joined the house.

The current housemates must look after them and take on jobs around the Big Brother village from making beds and cleaning the garden to providing salon treatments and cooking food.

Appointed Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively, Sukhvinder Javeed and Kayleigh were put in charge and assigned the jobs.

However Kayleigh got quite the surprise when the celebs were revealed as it turns out she and Marnie have history.

Kayleigh says of Marnie “her best mate is someone I’m not allowed to go anywhere near” referring to Charlotte Crosby.

Later in the diary room Kayleigh later reveals that "I hate Charlotte Crosby and you put her f***ing best friend in and when I look at Marnie I just think of f***ing Charlotte and it's angering me every f***ing second.


"My f***ing boyfriend has Charlotte Crosby's f***ing tattoo on his f***ing leg, I'm sick of it."

Meanwhile, in a separate chat in the Diary Room, Marnie complains: "Kayleigh hasn't made any effort."

Nicola agreed: "She doesn't seem to be very friendly."

Gemma then spills: "Marnie fancies Kieran!"


Marnie blushes: "I don't fancy him... I just think he's easy on the eye. I'd snog him but I feel that girl's [Rebecca] really hung up on him and I couldn't do that."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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