Big Brother 2017 nominations! Who nominated who revealed

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Here's who nominated who Big Brother 2017 tonight in the first round of nominations.

Rebecca Jane, Imran Javeed, Kayleigh Morris, Charlotte Keys, Sukhvinder Javeed and Raphael Korine are all facing the axe on Friday night.


And for the second time this year, it'll be a vote to SAVE with viewers supporting their favourite to stay rather than evicting the housemate they want out.

Rebecca, Imran, Kayleigh, Charlotte and Sukhvinder were all put up for eviction following the first round of Diary Room nominations in the house on Monday.

Raph could not be nominated as he was automatically put up for eviction after being 'killer nominated' by Joe Quaranta following a task.

Here's how the Diary Room nominations worked out...

Big Brother 2017: Who nominated who?

Ellie nominated Charlotte and Sukhvinder
Charlotte nominated Joe and Imran
Lotan nominated Hannah and Sukhvinder
Deborah nominated Rebecca and Kayleigh

Rebecca nominated Sukhvinder and Imran
Joe nominated Rebecca and Charlotte
Kayleigh nominated Imran and Deborah
Chanelle nominated Rebecca and Sukhvinder


Raph nominated Joe and Kayleigh
Tom nominated Sukhvinder and Imran
Kieran nominated Sukhvinder and Charlotte
Imran nominated Rebecca and Ellie

Hannah nominated Rebecca and Kayleigh
Sukhvinder nominated Kayleigh and Rebecca.

Therefore Sukhvinder and Rebecca received six nominates, Imran and Kayeligh received 4 nominations and Charlotte 3 nominations.

Joe received two nominations while Ellie, Hannah and Deborah all received one nomination. Lotan, Tom, Chanelle and Kieran did not receive any nominations.

Housemates with 3 or more nominations were up for eviction.

Raph therefore automatically faced the latest eviction on Friday alongside the five other nominees, Rebecca, Imran, Kayleigh, Charlotte and Sukhvinder.

Who do you want to STAY in the house? Vote in our latest eviction poll below...

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Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs at 10PM on Tuesday night where nominations and the fallout will play out.

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