Love Island's Chris Hughes goes naked for Towel Tuesday

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It's Towel Tuesday and to celebrate Love Island's self proclaimed most fancied man in the villa, Chris Hughes has stripped off...

You're welcome ladies - and lads.

Tonight sees Chris, who yesterday complained about too many girls in the villa fancying him, dump Chloe Crowhurst in a tearful confrontation.

With his eyes set on Olivia, who yesterday ended her weeklong relationship with Sam, Chris had to follow suit and split with Chloe.

Love Island's Chris naked
Love Island's Chris naked

But unbeknown to Chris, word of his feelings for Olivia had already reached Chloe, who told the Beach Hut: “What’s annoying me is that Chris is going around telling people one thing and then not relaying it to me. If he wants to couple up with Liv then at least tell me.

"Don’t go behind my back and then let me find out through other people.”

She continued: “So basically, one minute Chris is grafting with me. The next minute he’s grafting with the new girls. Now he’s grafting with Olivia. In the re-coupling I think he’s going to pick her.”

Chris finally pulled Chloe to one side for the dreaded chat during Jessica’s birthday party, but for Chloe the damage was already done: “I’m fine but I just feel like you’re being a bit disrespectful. I hear gossip from other people that should come from you. When we’re in here people need to be honest. My respect level is right down there at the moment.”

Eager to avoid a hostile situation, Chris attempted the ‘softly, softly’ approach as he tried to let Chloe down gently: “You know as well as anyone in here that hours in the day can literally change a lot of things can’t it?

"This is hard isn’t it? It is hard because I get on with you really well. I just feel like we should just put a stop to everything.”

But an aggrieved Chloe wasn’t in the mood for forgiveness: “That’s how I feel. Now I hear you’re cracking on with Liv. You should tell me before. People come up to me, I’m hearing things from different people. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Liv, obviously she’s broken up with Sam today and you’re literally in there.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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