Big Brother 2017: Kieran Lee rages after fighting with c**t" Chanelle McCleary

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It's all kicking off in Big Brother 2017 tonight with Kieran Lee losing it.

We've already had slipper gate, the bread bag incident and now we have the cap confrontation.


Kieran blows his top in tonight's show when Chanelle knocks his hat off, and says his reaction would have been VERY different were she a guy.

The row starts off with a comment that Kieran had previously made about Chanelle's lip fillers, with her telling him: "Don't ever comment on my appearance again."

She then followed the remark by kicking off Kieran's cap as he sat alongside her on the sofa.

He kicked off: "Who the f**k are you touching? Wow, you're so lucky you're a girl, man. Jesus Christ. F**k me. VERY lucky.

"I don't give a f**k what I say either. Nah, wow. I swear to f***king God, if you had been a lad...."


Chanelle protested: "So when you wrestle people in the bedroom that's meant to be a joke? F**king hell, Kieran."

He then stormed out and snapped at Chanelle: "Stupid little c**t."

Elsewhere tonight, Ellie Young is left in tears after chatting to Lotan Carter.

Ellie gets upset when she reveals to Lotan that she really likes him but is worried about how he feels about his ex-fiancée.


Ellie says: "I just think you're amazing, I'm really worried the girl who you are in love with is going to hate me. Obviously you know I'm attracted to you and I couldn't wish you more happiness."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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