Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 8 recap and highlights

What happened on Big Brother tonight?

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Here are all of the latest highlights from Day 8 in the Big Brother 2017 house.

In today's show, Lotan and Ellie are cuddling in bed, they discuss getting married to each other if they are both still single at 30 years old.


Chanelle comments to Raph that Sukhvinder should have had some respect for her

Lotan thinks that Sukhvinder can be a ‘ball breaker’

Imran is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “It was a bit emotional last night, I had to calm Sukhvinder down. I feel like I’m getting closer to her now and understanding her emotions on a deep level. If I was alone in this place my attitude would be more RAH!”


Imran mediates between Chanelle and Sukhvinder after their argument last night. Sukhvinder explains to Chanelle that she’s claustrophobic; Chanelle explains that she didn’t know and it wasn’t intentional. The pair agree to move on.

Housemates nominate in the diary room for the first time this series, the following will face eviction on Friday: Charlotte, Imran, Kayleigh, Raph, Rebecca & Sukhvinder.

In the smoking area, Lotan reveals he wakes up every morning in the Big Brother house with an erection. He tells Ellie that he’s ‘never had a wet dream’


Hannah and Chanelle are peeling potatoes, Chanelle comments; “I’m going to be a domestic goddess when I leave!”

Joe tells Raph that it is a game, Raph says; “Would it be cool if you didn’t call me a pr**k? It hurts my feelings. I’ve never been called that before.” Joe apologises

Rebecca and Charlotte both believe that Joe dislikes them

Lotan explains what the message means that he has written on his hand for his ex-girlfriend.

Ellie is upset in the smoking area, after hearing Lotan talk about his ex girlfriend

In the living area, Chanelle and Kieran are messing around. Chanelle spits on the sofa, she jokes that Kieran ‘wants her’ and Kieran jokes about her lip fillers, which upsets her. She says; “Why are you commenting on my appearance? That’s disrespectful. I think I look cute.”

Chanelle flicks Kieran’s hat off his head. He gets annoyed; “Don’t ever touch me!” He storms out to the garden

Later, Kieran apologises to Chanelle for getting angry.


Chanelle gets a formal warning from Big Brother for her behaviour with Kieran.

In the kitchen, Imran and Sukhvinder are kissing, she comments; “This is free porn for people!”


In the store room, Ellie tells Lotan that he’s amazing and she’s attracted to him. She gets upset and just ‘wants him to be happy’

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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