Big Brother's Sukhvinder Javeed is still going on about the 'bread bag incident'

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Big Brother's Sukhvinder Javeed and Chanelle McCleary have made up after the 'bread bag incident'.

It began when on the sofas, Chanelle and Sukhvinder were bantering. As a joke, Chanelle attempted to put a bag from a loaf of bread on Sukhvinder's head.


But Sukhvinder didn't take too kindly to the joke and got rather annoyed with Chanelle.

She shouted: "Big Brother, I need to make a complaint I don't appreciate some f**ker trying to suffocate me."

Chanelle was left in tears over the incident in the bedroom and things continued in the house yesterday.

"I've known you since day one and I've not said a bad word about you and I've enjoyed getting to know you," Sukhvinder told Chanelle.

She continued: "But when you you did what you did through jest or banter, it built anxiety in me. And you're not to know that, you don't know me like that but for me there was a line crossed.


"I didn't know how to address that, the only way I know how to address it is, please don't ever do that again."

Chanelle replied: "Everyone's different and has different boundaries. As long as you've now set those boundaries, now I know going forward."

Imran begged: "Can we move from this now?"

Chanelle added: "It's done now, I know the boundaries, I apologise, and it's done. Let's not speak about it ever again, let's act like it never happened."


Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs tonight at 10PM.

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