So why did Arthur Fulford quit Big Brother? Anger after show refuses to explain exit

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Arthur Fulford's exit from Big Brother 2017 remains shrouded in secrecy even after tonight's show.

Arthur left the show on Sunday and will NOT be back, Big Brother bosses announced yesterday.


A short statement released by Channel 5 at the weekend read: "Arthur has left the Big Brother house and will not be returning.

"See the housemates react on Big Brother tomorrow [Monday] night at 10pm, Channel 5."

Arthur's exit played out in tonight's show, although very little was said.

Arthur was first seen going into the diary room. "After a confidential off-camera conversation," narrator Marcus Bentley said, "Arthur will not be returning."

We then saw Big Brother gather the rest of the housemates in the living area and announce: "Housemates listen carefully. Housemates, Arthur has left the Big Brother house and will not be returning.


"Would Raph collect Arthur's suitcase from the storeroom, pack all his belongings in them and return the suitcase to the storeroom."

"Arthur you d**k, you should have f**king stay!" shouted Sukhvinder Javeed.

"I saw that coming days ago," declared Lotan Carter.

Fans weren't happy with the mystery exit of Arthur.

"We have a right to know why he went. #bbuk," one wrote.

Another asked: "Why is the reason for Arthur's exit top secret? #bbuk"

A third posted to Twitter: "Why is big brother being so secret squirrel about Arthur leaving? #bbuk"

Arthur's official Twitter account linked to the Channel 5 website has yet to offer any further explanation, only cryptically tweeting after his exit: "That was the week that was. Arthur has fallen off the edge of the Arthur House world. Keep fighting on his behalf!"


Maybe one day the truth will be revealed...

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5 with Bit On The Side on week nights.

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