Big Brother 2017: Ellie Young gives Kieran Lee a lap dance

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Tonight's Big Brother 2017 sees Ellie Young and Kieran Lee get close in the garden.

A seemingly drunk Ellie is seen all over Kieran in the garden's smoking area as she gives him a lap dance... of sorts.


"I'm sexy when I want to be," she says before kissing Kieran on the cheek.

The pair's flirting follows news that Ellie and Kieran knew one another before the show.

In fact it's been claimed that they've been friends for years.

Ellie, who previously appeared on ITV2 reality series Ibiza Weekender, entered the house alone but Kieran is taking part alongside his employer, Rebecca Jane.

While we know about Kieran and Rebecca's connection, his link to Ellie hasn't been revealed on the show.


However a mutual friend of the pair's told The Sun newspaper: “Ellie and Kieran have been pals for about two or three years.

“The way they acted so unfamiliar with one another when they entered the house was really strange – they definitely know each other.”

Meanwhile, it's not just Kieran that Ellie has been getting close with.

She hasn't hidden her feelings for Dreamboys stripper Lotan and was again fawning over him in the house yesterday.

"Look at that sexy beast," Ellie told Kayleigh Morris as eyed up Lotan from the bedroom. "I think he's really nice and in the outside world I'd never get the chance to get so close... to get to live with somebody who looks like that.


"I know he's just a flirty person, but he held my hand last night, I was like 'Ahhh! He touched me!'"

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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