'It's not you, it's me': Are Love Island's Sam Gowland and Olivia Attwood over?

Olivia Love Island 2017

Olivia Attwood and Sam Gowland's time as a Love Island couple could be over.

In the villa yesterday, there were doubts in Olivia’s mind about her suitability with Sam - not that he had any idea.


She confessed to the other girls: "I think he’s a good looking boy but it’s not sexual chemistry. I can’t imagine having sex with him. And he keeps talking about when we have sex.

"When we went on a date and that, I thought there was a connection, I was looking at him in a different light. But as the days go on, the amount he’s irritating me is not normal.”

Olivia Love Island 2017
Olivia on Love Island 2017

Concluding that her best option was to speak to Sam and draw a line on their romance, Olivia admitted she would concerned about her rejection would be perceived: “I feel like a bitch and I feel like I’m going to look like a bitch but the best that I can do is be honest.”

Sam was very much in the dark, saying in the beach hut: “Me and Liv, we’re sort of at level where we’re connecting a bit so we just keep doing what we’re doing and then hopefully that’s the aim.

"Hopefully we’ll just keep progressing to more than friends, it seems to be going well at the minute.”

Later, Olivia took Sam aside for a chat.

“We need to clear the air don’t we? How do you feel?" she began.

Olivia continued: "I feel that I’ve pulled away and I feel proper distant from you because we started off as really good friends, so we were together all the time. Since I’ve felt these feelings it’s making me not want to be around you at all.

Love Island 2017: Sam
Sam discusses Olivia on Love Island

"Something’s not right but I can’t put my finger on what it is. You haven’t done anything. You’re one of the best boys in this house and you’ve got a heart of gold.


"It’s not you it is me. I’m looking for something, and I don’t know what it is. You’re irritating me but you’re not doing anything wrong.”

Love Island 2017 continues at 9PM tonight on ITV2.

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