Big Brother 2017: Sukhvinder Javeed rages after Chanelle McCleary 'tries to suffocate her'

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Chanelle McCleary and Sukhvinder Javeed have had a falling out on Big Brother 2017.

The two girls came to blows in the house last night, with Sukhvinder accusing Chanelle of trying to suffocate her.


The ladies were seemingly mucking around in the living area before Chanelle tried to cover Sukhvinder's head with a plastic bag.

And that did NOT go down well with Sukhvinder.

Sukhvinder retaliated by telling her husband Imram to stop making her a sandwich.

"She can f**king make her own," said Sukhvinder.

"Seriously no," she continued. "Big Brother, I need to make a complaint I don't appreciate some f**ker trying to suffocate me."


Imram asked: "How many sandwiches am I making?!"

Sukhvinder replied: "Don't go making her [Chanelle] one. I'm being serious.

"She's just tried to suffocate me with a bag. Don't be making her s**t, she can f**king make it herself. She's not going to have that mayonnaise, she can make her own f**king mayonnaise.

"I'm being f**king serious now, seriously, that s**t's not f**king on."

"Okay, Okay," Imram replied from the kitchen.

Later, Chanelle was in tears over the incident.

"I thought we were friends and I am sorry but we've been having banter all day," she sobbed. "That's why I put the bag over your head to say 'shut up', can I have a laugh with no one in this house?!"

"I think you need to respect you're putting a bag over my head, speaking words and putting a bag over my head..." Sukhvinder began before Chanelle stormed off to the toilet.

"Am I speaking to children?" Sukhvinder reacted.

Elsewhere on tonight's show, Arthur leaves and his departure rocks the house and Joe is given the power to make a killer nomination.


You can tune in to watch all the latest house highlights tonight from 10PM on Channel 5.

Spin-off show Bit On The Side follows straight after with Rylan Clark-Neal.

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