Pitch Battle: How BBC One's new talent singing show works

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BBC One's new singing talent show Pitch Battle continues this Saturday night but what's it all about?

The so-called clash of choirs promises to bring a "unique blend of sass, swagger and a pinch of mischief" to Saturday nights.


Musical groups will face off with one another in a bid to win a cash prize in the live final, but to get there they'll need to win a number of rounds.

Mel Giedroyc hosts the show with regular judges Gareth Malone and Kelis joined by a different third Superstar Guest Judge each week.

In the heats we'll meet six vocal groups each week who will open the show together with a dramatic themed mash-up, arranged by the series musical director Deke Sharon - the musical director of the Pitch Perfect movies.

Pitch Battle - First-look

Showstoppers and Riff-Off
The six groups will be paired up in head to head battles in the first round.

In each battle, the choirs will first each perform their Showstopper - a song that typifies what they are all about. Both groups will then do battle in a themed Riff Off. The theme is revealed by the theme machine - any topic from Happy to Angry Break Ups - before the two groups try to out sing each other, showcasing their versatility by singing songs based on the Riff-Off theme.


After the Riff-Off, Pitch Battle’s Musical Director Deke Sharon gives his take on proceedings before the judges deliver their verdict - the name of the group they want to go through.

The Solo Battles
Three groups will survive to make the next stage: In the Solo Battles each group must nominate a soloist to take centre stage and perform a solo, backed by the rest of their choir. After all three solo performances the judges will decide which two groups are sent into the Final Battle, and who has sadly missed out.

The Final Battle
In the epic Final Battle, the two remaining groups in each heat stand side-by-side on the stage where they share an iconic song associated with this week’s Superstar Guest Judge.

Pitch Battle - Bebe Rexha
Pitch Battle - Bebe Rexha

Then, towards the end of the song, there’s an instrumental break and the Superstar Guest Judge will rise from their seat, mic in hand, and make their way to the stage and join in with the group the judges have decided should go through to the live final.


The winners of the five heats will go through to a live final in episode six, together with one wild card choir from the heats chosen by Gareth and Kelis. Here the public will pick the ultimate winner.

Pitch Battle airs Saturday nights, 7:30PM on BBC One.

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