Love Island 2017 truth revealed after Amber Davies and Chris Hughes row

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There was a big bust up on Love Island 2017 tonight and the truth has finally been revealed.

Amber Davies, Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes came to blows over comments Chris had supposedly made to Amber.


It began when Amber told Kem about a conversation she had shared with Chris the night before, straight after the re-coupling: “So I was going to tell you. Basically last night, I went up to him and said ‘you’ve done so well, well done, you’ve earned it.

"And he looked at me and he went ‘you know what I’m saying, I’m here.’ He was looking so deep into my eyes.”

This news instantly rattled Kem, who immediately marched back into the villa to confront a confused Chris.


However Chris denied the chat had ever taken place: “Hang on, I never said that. Mate, she’s trying to keep you on your toes. I haven’t even spoken to her. Ask her when I said that? Why would she say that?

"Honestly go and grab her. I want her to tell me the exact spot. I’ve not said that. If I’d said that, I’d tell you I said that. She’s said that to stir it.”


Kem went back to Amber, who denied Chris' denial.

She confronted Chris and told him: “It wasn’t even a big thing. I gave you a hug, Jonny was there and you just went ‘you know what I’m saying, I’m here.’

"You did say that. You did say that. You said ‘I’m here.’ I have not got an issue with you at all. I don’t want you and me to have beef, it was just a passing comment.”

So who was telling the truth? Love Island spin-off show After Sun had the answer as it was revealed CHRIS was the one in the right.

Viewers were quick to react to the revelation on Twitter with one fan posting online: "OMG AMBER COMPLETELY MADE IT UP. What a psycho?!?! #LoveIslandAfterSun 😷😷😷 "


"Just watching #LoveIslandAfterSun & they showed Amber completely made that comment from Chris up! Bit of a psycho move😂😅Attention seeker🙄" another wrote.

A third added: "Fully love how they outed amber as a total liar on that after show #loveisland #loveislandaftersun"


Another begged for Amber to be exposed to the rest of the villa: "#LoveIslandAftersun if you don't show that clip of amber lying to the rest of the group I'll be so disappointed SHES A LIARR"

Love Island 2017 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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