Love Island spoilers! Chris Hughes chats up Gabby Allen behind Chloe Crowhurst's back

Love Island 2017 gossip

Love Island 2017's Chris Hughes has made a move on Gabby Allen - behind Chloe Crowhurst's back.

We saw Gabrielle Allen aka Gabby enter the villa in tonight's show and it seems she's got Chris' attention.


And that's bad news for is current partner Chloe.

In a chat in the garden in the villa today (Sunday), to be shown on Monday night's show, Chris confessed to Gabby: "I don't fancy Chloe at all not at all."


He claimed: "She is massively into me, she's proper falling for me. Not to sound arrogant but I feel she actually really likes me."

"So do you fancy anyone?" asked Gabby.

Chris flirted: "You're fit. I fancy you."


Chris and Gabby's flirtation follows a row between Chris and Chloe on tonight's show when he said he was waiting for another girl to enter the villa.

Chatting to Chloe about another row involving Amber, Chris said: "I said ‘I’m waiting for a brunette to come in.’ I don’t know why I said that, but just forget that.

Chloe Love Island 2017

"This is why this thing escalated. I walked away and two minutes later, she made out I was coming onto her. "


Chloe reacted: “You have to understand how muggy it looks on me. That makes me look so stupid.”

Love Island 2017 continues Monday night at 9PM on ITV2.

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