Big Brother 2017: Kayleigh Morris erupts at Arthur Fulford before his exit

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Kayleigh Morris erupted at Arthur Fulford again in tonight's Big Brother 2017.

This evening's episode saw all the action from the house on Saturday, before Arthur left the house today.


Kayleigh and Arthur locked horns following a party which saw her fly into a rage in the living area.

Big Brother eventually stepped in to call Kayleigh to the Diary Room as Arthur retreated to the garden.

In the Diary Room, Kayleigh snapped: "He needs to be told to stay the f**k away from me, this isn't a f**king game, I ain't playing no f**king game.

"No one needs a f**king Arthur in their life."

While Arthur himself didn't appear too bothered by the war of words, on Twitter viewers branded Kayleigh a "psycho".


"Kayleigh is a disgusting person who should be chucked out for bullying Arthur like that. Absolute psycho," one fan wrote.

Another agreed: "Kayleigh is a disgusting, foul-mouthed human being. She is being a bully! #BBUK

"Kayleigh is a bully, her behaviour is not ok #bbuk," added a third.

Tonight's latest row between Kayleigh and Arthur followed a previous clashed on Friday night.

"You're playing some silly little petty f**king game, f**k off," Kayleigh snapped at Arthur following the first eviction show.

Arthur hit back, accusing Kayleigh of 'not being a woman'.

"I've literally given my life to women, I've dedicated my life to women and I'll tell you right now, you're not a woman," he said. "There's no way women should ever act like you today."


Kayleigh spat: "You're a contradicting little c**t. F**k off out of my face before I go mad. F**k off out of my face before I go mad, f**k off, f**k off! Leave me the f**k alone!"

As the other housemates watched on, Kayleigh continued to rant: "You are playing some f**king silly game, you are a f**king weirdo. F**king weird."


"I actually liked you up until that second, you've f**king pissed me off and now I'll make your life in here a living hell. I can be a c**t."

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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