Love Island tensions between Jessica Shears and Montana Brown

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There's tension between Jessica Shears and Montana Brown on Love Island 2017 tonight.

After a week of palpable tension between Jessica and Montana, the animosity resurfaced as the girls enjoyed a spa day.


Jess and Montana have locked horns ever since Jess 'stole' Montana's original partner Dom in a launch night twist.

In tonight's show, Montana confronts Jessica: “I feel like me and you, we’ve got off on the wrong foot. In conversations, I feel like you’re really overbearing at times. We are quite different in a lot of ways and I think recently for some reason it’s grinding on me because I found it quite intense. I feel like I can’t speak.”

Jessica replies:“I don’t mind being labelled as the bitchy one or whatever. For me, I know I’d rather say something than it be festering under the rug and then come to blows over something silly.”

Montana adds “I know it’s from a good place but because it’s always you, it just gets grinding. I just don’t want it to be a thing, I do want us to get along.”

Jessica says “I think we’re both aware that we’re on edge with each other and there’s some weird air between us.”


Is there any chance of a reconciliation between the love rivals?

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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