Love Island 2017 spoilers! Two new girls arrive and they cause trouble

Love Island 2017 introduces two new girls Tyne-Lexy Clarson and Gabrielle Allen to the villa tonight.

And their entrance causes quite the stir.


Fresh from Friday night's recoupling - where the girls had the power - the tables turned over the weekend when two new Islanders entered.

With the girls ushered out of the villa for a relaxing spa day, the unassuming boys settled in for an afternoon barbecue before getting a surprise text: “Boys, hope you’ve enjoyed your barbecue, but did you save some food for your guests? #morebangers #nicebuns”

With that, Gabby and Tyne-Lexy arrived, and it seemed both had their eyes on a few of the guys who are currently all coupled up.

Tyne revealed: “When I talk to a guy they get hypnotised by my eyes. I am a massive flirt and a very big tease. I had a guy asking to pay £20,000 for a date with me and then I said ’no.’

"And then he offered me £40,000 and I still said ‘no.’ I cannot wait to get into the villa. Chris is the main guy that I’m after in there but who knows what floats my boat.”


Meanwhile, Gabby confessed: “When I fall for someone, it tends to be full force. They don’t have a choice. I’m different to all the other girls in the villa. I might have a little bit more chat. My charm. The Gaby charm.


"I like the look of Jonny, he’s seen the world, he travels. I fancy Dom. And Marcel. Oh God, who am I not fancying? I would like to think the guys will fancy me in the villa. It would be a bit awkward if they didn’t.”

As the boys set about impressing their new arrivals, the girls returned to the villa.

Jess immediately her thoughts clear on the situation in the Beach Hut, revealing: “To walk out and find the most oily, slimiest looking boys.

"They’ve barely worked out in here, and funnily enough they worked out when the new girls came."

However Jess insisted she didn't feel threatened: “They seem nice. Really sweet. They’re being quite coy about who they like to me, but I’m not worried and I don’t think anyone should be.”

Olivia was more cautious: “Girls are bad for welcoming in fresh meat. I don’t know if they’re threats. We’ll give them a proper welcome, unless they want to go on a date with Sam!”


The girls had every right to be worried as Tyne-Lexy swiftly embarked on her mission to get closer to Chris, and made it abundantly clear that she wouldn’t allow the other girls to get in her way.

"When asked how she would feel about treading on the other girls’ toes by Kem, Tyne-Lexy bluntly responded “I don’t care.”


Before long, Tyne-Lexy’s quest to pursue Chris was in full flow, as she confided in Gabby: “Our babies would be absolutely beautiful. He’s smart, he’s beautiful, got a great body. He was being cheeky, he was being a cheeky chap. The conversation was easy.”

Chris' current partner Chloe however predicted a fairly swift demise for the new rival: “At the end of the day, fake people in here do not last. Their personality crumbles.”


Meanwhile, Gabby claimed: “I feel weird. I feel it’s going to be hard to fit in. Some of the girls aren’t being very welcoming.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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