Big Brother 2017 bullying row as Arthur Fulford accuses housemates of picking on him

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Big Brother's Kayleigh Morris EXPLODED at "f**king weirdo" Arthur Fulford in a row over bullying.

The pair locked horns following the latest live show, after Arthur accused Kayleigh of bullying him.


She snapped: "Don't f**king talk to me about s**t like that."

Chanelle McCleary backed her up, telling Arthur: "If anyone's a bully in here, it's you."

Arthur then branded the girls "jealous", prompting Kayleigh to call him a "little f**king w**ker."

"You're playing some silly little petty f**king game, f**k off," Kayleigh continued.

Arthur hit back, accusing Kayleigh of 'not being a woman'.


"I've literally given my life to women, I've dedicated my life to women and I'll tell you right now, you're not a woman," he said. "There's no way women should ever act like you today."

Kayleigh spat: "You're a contradicting little c**t. F**k off out of my face before I go mad. F**k off out of my face before I go mad, f**k off, f**k off! Leave me the f**k alone!"

As the other housemates watched on, Kayleigh continued to rant: "You are playing some f**king silly game, you are a f**king weirdo. F**king weird."

"I actually liked you up until that second, you've f**king pissed me off and now I'll make your life in here a living hell. I can be a c**t."

Arthur then retreated to the bedroom but Kayleigh wasn't finished.

She continued shouting: "I'm not a woman? I have a f**king vagina you f**king freak, people like you irritate the s**t out of me."


Later in the bedroom, Kayleigh branded Arthur a sociopath and vowed not to react to him any more.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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