Big Brother 2017: Joe Quaranta warned Arthur Fulford before his exit

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Big Brother 2017 housemate Joe Quaranta became the latest to clash with Arthur Fulford before his exit.

Big Brother confirmed earlier today (Sunday) that Arthur had left the house and would not be returning.


Arthur's exit followed him and Joe locking horns in the garden yesterday after a number of rows between Arthur and the other housemates.

Friday night saw an explosive clash between Arthur and Kayleigh where she branded him a f**king weirdo.

Then earlier on Saturday, Arthur rowed with Lotan and Imran in another bust up, this time over DUST.

Speaking to Arthur in the garden, Joe told him: "As you've gathered you're p**sing a lot of people off. If that's your plan, good luck to you.

"All I'm saying to you as well at the same time is I will talk to you politely but if you do it to me mate it'll be a f**king different story. I ain't going to swear at you, if you've got a problem with me, tell me, if you disagree with something, tell me - but don't make me look silly."

He continued: "If you've got a problem with anyone else, go and talk to them but have some f**kin respect. Are you f**king listening to me or not? If you don't want to talk to me, don't f**king talk to me."

Arthur responded: "I'm listening to the people around you and reading their reactions."

Joe snapped: "I'll tell you what I'll do, leave me out of what you're doing. I won't talk to you and you don't talk to me, how about that one, alright?


"Now that's it I'm leaving it at that, plain and simple mate."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the latest episode this evening at 9PM.

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