Why did Arthur leave Big Brother? He blasts "f**king stupid" housemates before exit

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Arthur Fulford out at his fellow housemates on Big Brother 2017 before leaving the house.

Big Brother confirmed earlier today (Sunday) that Arthur had left the house and would not be returning.


Over the weekend, before his exit, Arthur went to the Diary Room to complain to Big Brother following a number of rows over the past 24 hours.

Friday night saw an explosive clash between Arthur and Kayleigh where she branded him a f**king weirdo.

She ranted: "You're a contradicting little c**t. F**k off out of my face before I go mad. F**k off out of my face before I go mad, f**k off, f**k off! Leave me the f**k alone!"

Then on Saturday, Arthur rowed with Lotan and Imran in another bust up, this time over DUST.

"Ignore him," Imran Javeed said, "He wants attention. He wants attention. "Lets not give it to him, we're powerful."

In the Diary Room once things had cooled down, Arthur ranted: "F**king stupid blokes, they f**k me off.

"F**ing stupid girls they really p**s me off."

He added to Big Brother: "They can't see that what we have here is a social hierarchy and when it comes down to our soul animals, that I have some extremely high ones."


The latest drama from the house will air in tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights show which starts this evening from 9PM on Channel 5.

Arthur's exit will play out in Monday night's show from 10PM.

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