Big Brother 2017 housemates erupt in another argument - over DUST

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Another argument erupted in the Big Brother 2017 house today, this time over dust.

Yup, dust.


Things seemingly randomly kicked off in the living area as Arthur Fulford presented a bowl of dust for the housemates to eat.

The group had gathered for a group meeting as they began their second week inside the house.

But things got heated when Arthur interrupted the chat to declare "If anybody is hungry there is some dust.

"Dust anybody? Dust? Dust?"

Arthur's actions didn't please the housemates, with Kayleigh Morris reacting: "What the f**k did he put that there for?"


Lotan Carter was more physical in his response, throwing Arthur's bowl of dust across the living area.

He snapped: "Well done, you got a bit of attention, stupid f**king p***k. Don't just walk in here while we are actually having something where we're trying to get s**t sorted."

The other housemates begged Lotan to calm down.

"Ignore him," Imran Javeed said, "He wants attention. He wants attention.

"Lets not give it to him, we're powerful."

The latest row followed an explosive clash last night between Arthur and Kayleigh where she branded him a f**king weirdo.


And later in the evening, Sukhvinder Javeed kicked off in an argument over hidden booze.

The next Big Brother highlights air on Channel 5 tonight from 9PM.

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