Big Brother 2017: Sukhvinder Javeed kicks off (again) over hidden booze

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Sukhvinder Javeed exploded again in the Big Brother 2017 house last night, this time over alcohol.

Sukhvinder got into a row with her husband Imran Javeed, as well as the other housemates following yesterday's live eviction.


Imran begged a wound up Sukhvinder to "calm down" as a fight erupted over stolen booze, but she replied: "No no no, don't tell me to f**king calm down. Imran ... don't tell me to calm down.

"I'm not going to argue with people over stupid alcohol, because I'm taking it for... I'm not taking it to drink in a corner by myself."

Imran explained he had overheard a conversation about the booze by the other housemates, saying: "I'm just listening to everyone, I'm listening to conversations, I'm being open and I'm bringing it out."

"F**k this s**t," Sukhvinder eventually snapped. "Are you f**king serious? You think I'm here for f**king alcohol?"

She then confronted the other housemates, telling them: "I don't sit and drink alcohol by myself."


"Suki calm down, it's between me and and you," Imran said.

"I don't steal it," replied Sukhvinder. "Don't come for me"

Imran responded: "I'm not coming for you I'm speaking to you as your husband, why are you getting upset?"

In the toilet the pair had it out as Imran told her: "All I'm saying is please in future just don't hide the wine."


"Oh so it's okay to hide it when when everyone else is drinking the hidden wine? No, no!" she hit back.

The full row will air in tonight's Big Brother highlights show from 10PM on Channel 5.

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