Big Brother 2017: Arthur Fulford in trouble after breaking the rules

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Big Brother's Arthur Fulford gets in trouble on tonight's show when he breaks the rules.

In the latest episode airing tonight at 9PM on Channel 5, Arthur is up to no good in the garden and vandalises the walls in the house.


He's seen writing and drawing rude pictures on the wall of the bedroom with nail varnish, which Big Brother isn't happy about.

And Big Brother isn't the only one unhappy with Arthur tonight, as he is also accused of 'threatening behaviour' by other housemates.

'Politics' is front and centre of the latest challenge as the housemates go head to head across a range of hot button topics and it all kicks off.

Topics including climate change and Brexit are debated... as well as whether or not the earth is flat.

Imran Javeed and Arthur Fulford ended up in a very heated argument over the apparently controversial topic.

Imran and Sukhvinder then talk to the diary room about their upset of being confronted by Arthur.

"Just because he's got f**king s**t loads of f**king money and doesn't have to do anything with that, that's what's f**king wrong," a tearful Sukhvinder tells Big Brother in the Diary Room. "People work so f**king hard to get where they f**king are.


"He's being threatening as well, that's threatening behaviour," Imran accused. "That's threatening behaviour, I'm going to make a complaint."

The highlights and fallout air tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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