Love Island 2017: Amber Davies in tears after pillow fight turns nasty

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Love Island 2017's Amber Davies was left in tears in the villa yesterday after a pillow fight turned nasty.

Amber and Kem Cetinay's on-going will they/won’t they relationship took quite the unexpected turn, following the recent arrival of new guys Chris Hughes and Jonny Mitchell.


It started with both Jess and Sam individually seeking out Amber to persuade her to give Kem some reassurance.

But Amber wasn't too impressed, saying: “Jess has come up to me, then Sam, who I haven’t spoken to, comes up to me and tries to tell me what to do. Jess basically just said ‘oh he really likes you.’ And I’m like ‘am I in primary school?’ Has he got balls?”

Love Island's Amber

When Kem finally approached Amber himself, Amber made her feelings known: “You’re not a man. Why am I communicating through other people and you won’t come up to me, again. I feel like it’s primary school.”

Determined to finally speak face to face with her, Kem followed Amber outside, telling the Beach Hut: “She’s fuming, so I walked outside with her. We were arguing over something that didn’t need to be argued about, we were arguing over nonsense. Unnecessary things that don’t mean anything.”


The exchange that followed quickly became heated but, spotting a smirk on Amber’s face, Kem then retorted by playfully hitting Amber with his pillow and joking with her to “stop laughing at me.”


This wasn’t well received by Amber however, who warned him: “Throw a pillow at me again...”

Kem ignored her, which quickly rattled Amber, who stormed off, saying: “No I’m not having that. You don’t do that to me. I don’t care.”

Immediately aware of his wrongdoing, Kem surmised: “I messed it up there. You’re an idiot.”

Recounting their exchange in the Beach Hut, Kem revealed: “She’s livid. We were messing about and I threw a pillow and I thought she was bantering, she said ‘don’t throw a pillow at me’ and I threw it at her, I thought she was joking. She lost her head and walked out.”

Amber meanwhile broke down in tears in the lounge with Camilla and Montana: “Don’t throw a pillow at me, it’s not OK. I’m not having that. I’m so upset. Honest to God.”

She then told the beach hut: “It sounds pathetic but I lose my temper only once in a while, and when I do lose it, I lose it. It just puts things into perspective for me. At the end of the day, it did upset me. If it was big, if it was small, it did upset me and he should have been apologetic because I was upset.”


The following morning, Kem was quick to try and make amends: “If I upset you, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have done it but at the time I was play fighting. I just timed it wrong.


"The main mistake was that I shouldn’t have just kept trying to play it cool. I should have been myself because I know if I was myself, even though I would have probably cringed at the stuff I was saying, it would have ended up working out better.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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