Big Brother 2017 housemates to learn Election results live tonight

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The Big Brother housemates will learn of the 2017 General Election results live tonight it's been revealed.

Britain went to the polls yesterday with the Conservatives ending up as the biggest party - but without a majority.


The hung parliament result will be relayed to the housemates via host Emma Willis in Friday night's show, it's been reported.

“Live [Friday] night, Emma Willis will reveal the result of the General Election to the Big Brother housemates," a spokesperson for Big Brother said.

Last year saw the housemates inside when Brexit happened and we got a new Prime Minster, with the news broken to the group in a task around a month later.

As the nation went to vote, housemates were NOT be permitted to leave to vote and instead were advised in advance to send a postal ballot if they wanted to cast a vote in the election.

Meanwhile, the election news followed a political debate task in the house yesterday that caused friction.

The housemates were split into sides and had to argue various topics from Brexit to the earth being flat.

One debate saw housemates argue for and against free school meals. Rebecca Jane said: "If you can't afford to give them lunch, don't have children."

Arguing in favour of Brexit, Chanelle McCleary said: "We vote for this, we voted for this, you can't just change your mind next week. "


On a rise in income tax, Sukhvinder Javeed said: "I choose to go and get off my arse and go and earn my money and better my life, what right does someone have to say I should be taxed more than someone who can't be f**king bothered."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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