Big Brother 2017: Arthur Fulford accused of 'threatening behaviour' after big row

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Imran Javeed and Sukhvinder Javeed have been left outraged by Arthur Fulford's behaviour on Big Brother 2017.

Husband and wife pair Imran and Sukhvinder came to the Diary Room yesterday to complain about Arthur.


It followed a topical Election themed task which saw housemates split into two sides.

They then had to argue various topics from Brexit and income tax to the earth being flat.

But it prompted clashes and Imran and Sukhvinder weren't impressed after rowing with Arthur.

"Just because he's got f**king s**t loads of f**king money and doesn't have to do anything with that, that's what's f**king wrong," a tearful Sukhvinder told Big Brother in the Diary Room. "People work so f**king hard to get where they f**king are.

"When other people were speaking they were allowed to speak about what was important. I wanted to come on here to make a difference


"He's being a f**king d**khead," sobbed Sukhvinder.

"He's being threatening as well, that's threatening behaviour," Imran accused. "That's threatening behaviour, I'm going to make a complaint."

Sukhvinder continued: "I wanted to come on here and make a difference, I didn't want to be around that."

An unimpressed Imran concluded: "F**king man is a f**king ****."


The task and fallout will air in tonight's latest highlights show on Channel 5.

Big Brother airs this evening from the earlier time of 9PM with the first live eviction of the series.

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