Big Brother 2017 housemates clash in an election themed task

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The Big Brother 2017 housemates took part in an election themed task yesterday.

The housemates were split into sides and had to argue various topics from Brexit to the earth being flat.


One debate saw housemates argue for and against free school meals. Rebecca Jane said: "If you can't afford to give them lunch, don't have children."

Arguing in favour of Brexit, Chanelle McCleary said: "We vote for this, we voted for this, you can't just change your mind next week. "

On a rise in income tax, Sukhvinder Javeed said: "I choose to go and get off my arse and go and earn my money and better my life, what right does someone have to say I should be taxed more than someone who can't be f**king bothered."

And on climate change, Chanelle begged: "Think of the penguins."

But it was a less serious debate on whether or not the earth was flat that really saw tempers flare.


Imran Javeed and Arthur Fulford ended up in a very heated argument over the apparently controversial topic.

"It's f**king bonkers," Arthur ranted.

"Sit the f**k down," snapped Imran's wife Sukhvinder.


She then stormed off with Imran, remarking: "I don't hang around with f**king morons."


Arthur then quipped: "Well don't walk too far that way or you'll fall off the edge."

The task highlights will air in tonight's show on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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