Big Brother 2017 housemates in racism row as things kick off again

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Big Brother 2017 housemates became embroiled in a row over racisim in the house yesterday.

And it all originally started with a clash over make up.


Sukhvinder Javeed and Rebecca Jane were in the kitchen discussing Rebecca's belief that she wouldn't hire someone to work for her if they didn't wear make up.

Sukhvinder voiced her disagreement with such a policy, saying: "I think personally that's sending the wrong message out to girls because they've got so much pressure. It's just a mask."

Rebecca defended her stance: "I don't agree with that, I think [wearing make up] is a confidence booster for a lot of people."

Sukhvinder then accused: "Like that's discrimination, you're discriminating against girls."

She went on: “Girls out there need to own that sh*t, they don’t need girls on the TV spending five hours putting their make-up on. My daughter does not need role models like that, she does not need that pressure at 19.”


One of the other housemates then piped up to ask what discrimination means, prompting the row to escalate as it took a very different turn.

"It's basically like racism," Rebecca said.

But Sukhvinder snapped: "It's not like f**king racism, get a f**king grip.

"Discrimination and racism the same f**king thing, are you f**king serious?"

"It's the same lines..." Rebecca claimed.

"That's f**king no, maybe you've never suffered racism..." began Sukhvinder.

Rebecca rolled her eyes and sarcastically clapped her hands: "Oh, here we go..."


Sukhvinder concluded: "It's not 'here we go', that's ignorant man."


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs this evening at 10PM.

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