Love Island 2017: Harley Judge makes a last minute bid to stay in the villa

Harley Judge Love Island 2017

Harley Judge makes a desperate attempt to stay on Love Island 2017 tonight as he makes a play for Chloe Crowhurst.

Yesterday in the re-coupling was preoccupying all of the boys’ minds, none more so than Harley, who was still in limbo having stepped aside for Amber Davies to pursue things with Kem.


With any single islanders getting dumped from the show on Friday, Harley was determined to save his skin.

Spotting the attraction between Chloe Crowhurst and new guy Chris Hughes, Harley sought Chloe out and made his position clear: “I just want to get your thoughts on the situation

Love Island 2017 Harley

"If you potentially see there’s something with Chris rather than me, then I’m going to have to go and speak to Camilla, plain and simple as that, because I want to be here.

"Although Chris is adapting to the environment, do you think that he’s being genuine? I can leave it down to you, because ultimately it’s down to you, but I just wanted to put it out there tonight.”

Acknowledging her strong friendship with Harley, but aware of the spark emerging with Chris, Chloe was instantly torn over what to do: “It’s hard for me because I literally love you as a person. It does make me feel bad on you. I love you to bits. I think you’re an amazing guy. I don’t want you to overthink things.”

But Harley was resolute that he didn’t want his laid back approach to result in his downfall in the villa: “I’ve blended into the background for too long and I think now I’m actually coming out of my shell and I feel like I can be myself around everybody now."

Chloe Love Island 2017

When challenged by Marcel on his sudden steer of interest towards Chloe, Harley admitted: “I haven’t specifically said that I fancy her, I’ve just said that we get on really well and we haven’t had the chance to speak to each other on a romantic level.


"It doesn’t mean that I fancy her. It just means that I want to get to know her a bit better. I’m not going to lie to you, she’s grown on me.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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