Big Brother and the General Election - do the housemates get to vote?

And will they know the results?

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With the 2017 General Election taking place today, will the housemates be leaving the house to vote?

Well Big Brother has revealed all on its Election procedures of this year's group.


As the nation goes to vote, housemates will NOT be permitted to leave to vote and instead were advised in advance to send a postal ballot if they wanted to cast a vote in the election. If they haven't done this... tough, it seems.

But what about the result? Show bosses have yet to decide whether or not to tell the cast of the outcome.

Last year saw the housemates inside when Brexit happened and we got a new Prime Minster, with the news broken to the group in a task around a month later.

As for this summer's Election result, given all the outside contact they've had in just the first few days, we'd be surprised if they don't learn sooner rather than later...

Meanwhile, tonight's latest episode of the show will go head to head with the start of the election coverage.

Both ITV and BBC One begin all night updates from 9:55PM while Channel 4's Alternative Election Night starts at 9:45PM, with Big Brother starting at 10PM on Channel 5.

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