Big Brother 2017 housemate's sex tape secret revealed in new task

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Big Brother housemates have their secrets revealed in a first task tonight.

Housemates are given mock newspaper headlines and must correctly match the stories to the housemates they're about.


One story headlined 'Sex Tape Shocker' concerned one of this year's housemates who had a sex tape distributed in their local area.

And it was Mandy Longworth - who is in the house with her daughter Charlotte Keys - who was revealed to have been the star of the video.

She explained: "Charlotte's father and I did a tape, as you do, we've all done it... a VHS one, back in the day.

"So... then we split up, moved on to different partners. Charlotte's father's partner moved in, thought what can I do with this? She hid it in a dog kennel.

"Then some years later... my then niece came up and said this tape was doing the rounds.

"So I phoned up her father up, he was living in Cyprus, and said 'You idiot! That tape's doing the rounds, how do you feel?'

"'He said, 'I don't know, how do you feel?' and I said 'I was 7 stone 6 and I gave a great performance, it's fine by me'."

Although we're not sure how much Charlotte really wanted to hear about it...


The full task and highlights will air tonight on Channel 5.

Big Brother 2017 airs this evening from 10PM.

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