Love Island 2017 girls VERY excited as two hot new guys enter

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The Love Island 2017 villa gets a shake up tonight as news of two new guys entering is revealed.

Chris Hughes and Jonny Mitchell were unveiled at the end of last night's episode and will enter the villa in tonight's show.


Chris Hughes is a 22-year-old Golf Clothing Ambassador from Gloucestershire. "I think what sets me apart is being a country boy," says Chris. "It gives the girls a different option to what they’re normally used to. I offer a very different background."

Jonny Mitchell is a 26-year-old Business Director from Essex. Jonny says his 'USP' is his lifestyle: "I do a lot of travelling. I pretty much live abroad. Being away from home wouldn’t be a big deal for me."


Before news of their arrival breaks, with the girls outnumbering the girls, those currently single put strategies in place to secure their survival in the villa.

However, the mood swiftly changed when Montana received an unanticipated text: “Girls, this evening, two new boys will enter the villa and you will host a welcoming party #freshmeat”

The news was welcomed by the girls, with Chloe gushing: “What more could we want apart from two new boys? One would be great but two is even better.”


With the prospect of two single guys to potentially turn her head, Montana was now in two minds over whether to couple up tactically with Marcel, confiding in Chloe: “Recoupling? That is a question. I thought it was going to be the other way round to be completely honest.

"But now I think we do need to think ahead. I don’t know, it honestly depends what type of people are coming in, because I feel like I want Marcel to stay in. I actually do, he’s so great.”

Chloe was in a similar frame of mind, refusing to commit to a re-coupling with one of the current crop of men in the villa: “At the end of the day, if it’s someone we really click with and have a connection with, then why wouldn’t we couple up with them.

"I’m here to find someone, not a friendship with a boy. I’m here to find someone that I actually like. I’m not going to lie though, I hope that somebody walks in and that it’s somebody for me.”

Us viewers were given the chance to vote for which girl - minus recent addition Jessica - the new guys should date.

In this evening's episode, the viewer results will be revealed and the guys will go on a date with the girl the fans have matched them with.


The dates will be followed by the first recoupling of the series which will ultimately see the first evictions from the villa.

Love Island 2017 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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