Big Brother 2017: People's Housemate Tom Barber to chat to Bit On The Side from the house

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Big Brother's People's Housemate Tom Barber will chat live on Bit On The Side Wednesday night.

After being voted into the house by viewers on launch night, Tom will have regular contact with the public to get an insight into his fellow housemates.


Rylan Clark-Neal revealed this evening (Tuesday) that he'd be chatting to Tom during bit On The Side tomorrow night.

As the People's Housemate, Tom also has a lot of decisions to make which have already caused tensions in the house.

His first decision was to pick which half of the housemates to 'exile' from the United Kingdom of Big Brother, leaving them at risk of eviction on Friday night.

In tonight's (Tuesday) show, Tom took part in a Facebook Live session where viewers at home helped him to make important decisions that will affect the house. He had to select eight housemates to be exiled to an inferior life in the house, who are also at risk of eviction on Friday.

Meanwhile, Big Brother gathered the housemates to explain the twist.

Tom then delivered his decision on which housemates had been granted citizenship and which housemates had been exiled and risked eviction.

Tom told Rebecca that the public advised him not to grant her citizenship. Also Sukhvinder and Chanelle aren’t granted citizenship. Tom explainsed to Chanelle it’s because ‘she is loud and annoying’.

Chanelle didn't take the news well, screaming in Tom's face and raging: "That's so annoying, I am not sly, I am not two faced, what you see is what you get... f**k off!"


Other housemates exiled were Raph, Hannah, Arthur, Charlotte and Lotan.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5 with Bit On The Side airing straight after the highlights shows with Rylan Clark-Neal.

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