Love Island 2017: Kem Cetinay goes after Amber Davies - how will Harley Judge react?

Kem and Amber Love Island 2017

Kem Cetinay goes after Amber Davies on tonight's Love Island, just a day after coupling up with Chloe Crowhurst.

And it seems as though Amber's feelings for her current partner Harley Judge are also already fading.


“I’m keeping my options open. I’m not throwing no eggs into no basket. I don’t want to be a married couple on day one," she admitted in the beach hut.

In the villa yesterday, in scenes to air tonight on ITV2, Kem enlisted the help of Marcel and Olivia for "Operation Amber".

He said: “I’ve decided Operation Amber is a go. I can’t do it on my own. I need two strong characters. I’ve scouted you. I’ve looked at your CVs. One of you guys needs to be on keeping Harley away.”

Kem later told the Beach Hut: “Chloe’s a nice girl. Obviously I think she knows that we’re just mates. At the end of the day, I’ve got to think about myself. Basically I do like Amber, she’s a nice girl, so I set up an Operation, I’ve got my best detectives in.

"I feel like Harley’s going to get really angry. I’m nervous. He’s big as well. Very big.”


Deciding to do the decent thing, Kem opted to speak to Harley one on one before making any approach towards Amber: “I just wanted to talk to you quickly. We obviously all came in here a day ago. We’ve all got to know each other.

"At the end of the day, I’m with a girl that I’m not interested in. I have got to think of who and if there’s anyone in here that I am genuinely attracted to, and for me I can see who I’ve got an attraction with. It is Amber.”

Kem Love Island 2017

Kem’s admission was no surprise to Harley, who assured him: “I read the situation and I did wonder if you were going to come and say something because I’m not stupid. We haven’t got a lot of crack if I’m honest. But the thing is, she’s the one that I was attracted to most at the time and I still am now. The physical attraction’s still there.”


Amber meanwhile worried: “You don’t understand how much of a bitch I feel for not liking him. I feel like I’m going to be looked at like an absolute bitch. I feel awful for Harley but then there’s something so charming about Kem.”

See how Kem's Operation Amber pans out in tonight's Love Island 2017 at 9PM on ITV2.

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