Love Island 2017: Montana Brown fuming after Jessica Shears and Dom Lever's date

Montana Love Island 2017

Montana Brown is left fuming after Jessica Shears and Dominic Lever go on a date in tonight's Love Island 2017.

The pair have already competed for the affections of one guy outside the villa, and now it looks like history is repeating itself.


“I just think it’s extra awkward because we already have history of going for the same guys," Montana says in the show otnight.

In Monday's opening show, Jess 'stole' Dom from Montana in a twist, leaving her the only single Islander.

Yesterday, in scenes to be shown in tonight's show, Montana gets a text: "Montana, you are now single. In a few days everyone except Jessica and Dom will have the chance to recouple. The Islander not chosen in that recoupling will be dumped from the Island. #alltoplayfor #getgrafting"

With her place in the villa now in jeopardy, Montana made her feelings on Jessica abundantly clear to her fellow female islanders: “I just think if you’re going to do that, fair enough I know she’s in a really tricky situation, she has to pick someone, it is really difficult, but me and Dom are the only couple that actually like each other.

"Come on, if I had to steal someone, I would not go ahead and just do that. Point blank. I think that’s really mean.”


Jessica tried to defend herself: “Honestly babe, I feel bad doing it. I played with it all morning in my head and I literally had to go ‘right if I was here yesterday, who would I have stepped forward for?”

In the beach hut, Montana remarked: “They need to now spend some quality time together. Well, not quality, I’d say five minutes tops. And then hopefully Dom will be like ‘do you know what, I want to go back to my steak at home.’ And then I’ll be there. On the sofa. On my own.”

Later on, Montana took her opportunity to claim Dom in a challenge where the islanders were told facts about one another and then had to kiss the person they believed the fact applied to.

Grabbing Dom and publicly snogging him in front of the group, Montana told the beach hut: “I felt a bit awkward at first. That’s a bit bitchy of me. Then I was like ‘nah’, she didn’t care about my feelings so…”

Monatna Love Island
Montana Love Island

The developing love triangle then took another twist when Jessica received a text: “Jessica, you and Dom are about to go on a date. #firstdatenerves #oneonone

Dom’s insisted to Montana that he wasn’t interested in Jessica, but she fumed: “She has effectively stolen my goods. She’s gone to my home and she’s taken my prize possession. I think I should trust Dom but for some reason I’m like ‘you’re lying’."

Love Island 2017: Dom and Jessica
Love Island 2017: Dom and Jessica

After a "game changing" date, Montana took Jessica to one side and made her opinions on Jessica’s behaviour clear: “I just thought the way you went about it was really sneaky. The fact that he was even an option.


"I would have preferred for you to say ‘I don’t know who I’m going to be pick, Dom is in the running.’ It sets us off on the wrong foot. Especially with our history. I think that was really rogue for you to go for the one guy that was like ‘don’t pick me.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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