Big Brother 2017's launch night twist is already causing trouble in the house

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Big Brother 2017 kicked off last night and an launch show twist is causing tensions in the house already.

For the first time ever yesterday Big Brother handed over power to the public on the first night. After 15 housemates were revealed, one final housemate position was put up for grabs which was decided by the viewers in the live launch, from a selection of candidates.


Tom Barber was voted into the house by the public, becoming the People's Housemate. The People’s Housemate will hold great power within the house, even having access to the outside world.

In his first task, Tom got to chat to Big Brother fans via Facebook live to get our reactions to the housemates, including their VTs.

And after his chat, Tom was quick to report back to the rest of the group on one housemate in particular.

He told how Raphael Korine's VT spoke of gameplaying and plotting, which Joe Quaranta wasn't impressed by.

Joe told Tom as they discussed Raph: "He can have all the f**king game plan he f**king wants, it ain't going to get him f**king nowhere."

He continued: "If you say one thing and don't do it, then... do you know what I'm saying? He doesn't want to try doing it with me, he will be told. "

Tom shared: "His VT is full of s**t. He's put himself across in a way on his VT which isn't what he's like as a person."


Tom will soon make his first decision as the People's Housemate, deciding which housemates to 'exile' from the group, putting them at risk of eviction on Friday.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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