Love Island's Marcel Somerville is sending Blazin' Squad's songs up the charts

Marcel - Love Island 2017

Love Island kicked off season 3 last week and one of the hunks in the villa is Marcel Somerville.

Who, in case you didn't know, used to be in Blazin' Squad.


And it seemed he wanted to make sure everyone knew, even if Marcel's fellow Islanders didn't always appear all that impressed with his 'confession'.

But all his chat has meant that Blazin' Squad's songs have been climbing the charts, with Love Island's new Aftersun spin-off revealing that streams of the group on Spotify have climbed 2,500% this past week.

That's the good news, but the bad news is that poor Marcel has found himself the focus of Twitter memes after not shutting up about his Blazin' Squad past.

Almost as soon as he entered the villa, he decided to 'come clean' about his popstar history.


“Everyone’s been asking me questions about what I do and that kind of stuff. I don’t really want to give too much away. Because obviously I don’t want to change people’s thoughts. I’d rather keep it between ourselves because I don’t want everyone to get a bit awkward," he told Olivia first.


Marcel continued: "I produce music now but when I was younger I used to be in a band. Do you remember the band called Blazin’ Squad? I was from the Blazin’ Squad. About ten of us. I look totally different to how I did when I was in a band. It is a bit of a weird one me being in here.”

Olivia however was left rather confused and reacted: “I feel like I was really young when Blazin’ Squad was a thing. I was trying to remember. When I think of Blazin’ Squad I always think of that song ’21 Seconds To Go.’ What’s that band? I don’t recognise him from it but it’s cool to know a bit more about him.”

Marcel then told Jessica: “When I was younger I used to be in a band. Blazin’ Squad. Usually when I go to a place I feel confident about everything.”

He later remarked in the beach hut: "The reaction to my Squad news. She was a bit more excited about that than Olivia was."

Love Island fans on Twitter had a field day at Marcel's expense.

"Calm down marcel! Your not usher you were in blazing squad," one posted.

Love Island 2017: Marcel

Another quipped: "Drinking game .. take a shot every time Marcel mentions blazing squad 😳 pls I wouldn't even make it past pree's"


And another added: "Wonder if marcel will go on about blazing squad as much as Zara went on about being miss Great Britain last year #LoveIsland"

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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