POLL! Big Brother 2017 housemates - who's your favourite? Vote here! Week 8

Big Brother 2017's final is now a week away and here's our penultimate popularity poll of the series.

It's all been change once again in the house this weekend with THREE exits in the latest live show.


Chanelle McCleary and Ellie Young were given the boot by the public in a double eviction while Sam Chaloner lost his place in the house in a prize fund twist.

Their exits leave eight housemates in the house - who's your current favourite?

Vote in our seventh Big Brother popularity poll in the series below...

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Originally a total of sixteen housemates were unveiled for this summer's show during this month's live launch.

They included Ex On The Beach star Kayleigh Morris and Dreamboys' stripper Lotan Carter.


Joining them on Day 1 were sisters Hannah and Deborah Agboola and husband and wife duo Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed.

There was also high flying nightclub owner Joe Quaranta, 22-year-old student Raphael Korine, self-confessed drama queen Ellie Young.

More housemates on launch were Chanelle McCleary, another Ex On the Beach star and model, and the "wild and independent" Arthur Fulford.

Finally, another two duos are employer and employee pair Rebecca Jane and Kieran Lee, mum and daughter Mandy Longworth and Charlotte Keys.

However that wasn't all for the launch. For the first time ever Big Brother handed over power to the public as us viewers voted in the sixteenth and final housemate, Tom Barber aka the People's Housemate.

After just five days it was time for the first eviction last Friday and it was Mandy who was given the axe then just days later we got news that Arthur had left for still unknown reasons.

We then had a surprise double exit as Imran was evicted and Sukhvinder walked out alongside her husband, before Kayleigh was ejected in another shock departure.


Two newbies then joined as self confessed tan addict Isabelle Warburton and petite Irish beauty Savannah O'Reilly entered the house, before Rebecca left in the third eviction.

Savannah was next out the door just a week after her entrance before four new housemates - Andrew Cruickshanks, Simone Reed, Sue Evans and Sam Chaloner - joined the house.


Joe then left followed by Sue and Simone a little less than two weeks after they entered before Sam, Chanelle and Ellie's departures.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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