Love Island 2017: Watch the girls enter the villa... before Caroline Flack drops a twist

Love Island 2017: Caroline Flack

Here's a first look at Love Island 2017 which kicks off tonight on ITV2.

The new series begins this evening at 9PM with this year's starting cast of 6 girls and 5 guys entering the villa.


In this preview, we see the girls of Love Island 2017 meet up for the first time before visiting their new home for the summer.

And it wasn’t long before Caroline Flack arrived to welcome them and get their Summer of Love underway.

With five of the girls in line ready and waiting for the man of their dreams to arrive, one by one each of the five boys walked in and the first coupling up of Love Island 2017 began.

Much the same as last year, the girls will line up before the boys enter one at a time.

If girls like what they see, they can step forward to couple up.


If more than one girl steps forward, the guy has the power to pick which girl to couple up with.

But if no girls step forward, things just get awkward.

After the contestants couple up and get ready to know one another, Caroline tells them: “The choices you’ve made could decide how long you stay in the villa.

"You’ll be spending time together, doing challenges together, living together and even sharing a bed together.”

But just when they thought the difficult decisions were over, Caroline dropped the first bombshell of the series. Is all really as it seems?


We'll have to tune in tonight to see what bosses are plotting...

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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