Love Island's Caroline Flack defends sex scenes: 'If you don’t like it, don't watch'

Caroline Flack (Love Island 2018)

Love Island 2017 host Caroline Flack has defended the hit reality series over its sex scenes.

There were a number of complaints to TV watchdog Ofcom last year about the series, although they were all dismissed.


Caroline insists that airing the more intimate scenes from instead the villa "adds to the value of the show."

She said: “The icing on the cake is the thrills and bedroom antics but we never show those scenes unless it is part of the storyline.

"If the islanders do romp then we will show it — what’s wrong with a tiny bit of romping?"

Caroline told The Sun newspaper: “Some viewers like watching raunchy scenes and others don’t. People love moaning, let them moan. British people love a good moan.”

In another chat with the Daily Mirror, Caroline bluntly told those that don't like it to not watch.

“It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t offend me. I just think sex is quite natural," she explained. “Obviously some people like it, some don’t. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

“The girls do start off saying they won’t have sex in there, but never say never when they like someone. The girls are all really hot this year. It looks great fun.


"Would they regret having sex on TV when they’re older? I don’t know. Each to their own.”

Love Island 2017 begins on Monday night, 9PM on ITV2.

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