Love Island's Caroline Flack says she finds the show's sex scenes funny

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Caroline Flack says she finds Love Island's sex scenes funny.

The ITV2 series caused complaints to Ofcom last year over some scenes, but the TV watchdog dismissed the complaints.


Defending airing some of the more intimate moments, Caroline said: "I don’t feel prudish, I have a bit of a giggle!"

She explained: "It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable, but at the same time I don’t sit and watch it again and again. I’m not offended though and I’m pretty non judgemental when it comes to those things. Each to their own."

However it doesn't seem as though watching people have sex is what Caroline really wants from the show.

The telly presenter continued: "Do you know what I really enjoy? Although it’s about love, I really enjoy how the friendships develop. Last year I remember Zara getting upset when Adam didn’t pick her, and then because she was crying, Kady cried, so I cried.

"I loved the sisterhood. I want the girls to stick together, I don’t want them to be against each other. I’d love a Kady moment, when she was stuck in that room. That frustration she felt.

"When you’re around people you like, it’s very hard to remain cool. I know I can’t, I completely change my personality. I really don’t know what to expect this year though."

Well it sounds like it could be a lot more of the same as last year, with some of the Love Island 2017 cast revealing they were ready to do anything on TV.

Chloe Crowhurst, one of six girls set to enter the villa on Monday, said: “If I want to have sex in the villa I’ll have it. I don’t care what anyone will say.


“I did it in a pub toilet once – the door fell off and everything. Dodgy door I think.”

Love Island 2017 launches Monday at 9PM on ITV2.

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