Life backstage on Britain's Got Talent revealed from the kids to the dogs...

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Amanda Holden has spilled all on what goes on behind the scenes of Britain's Got Talent, from kids to dogs.

Ahead of tonight's latest live semi-final, Amanda described life on the show away from the cameras as an "absolute madhouse".


“It’s an absolute madhouse backstage," she laughed. "If there are no kids, there will still be four or five dogs, weeing everywhere in Simon’s case."

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Amanda went onto praise Simon's parenting skills with son Eric - and suggested it's time he get a daughter too.

“Simon is brilliant with Eric, he is a great dad. I think he’s happy with one, but I’d love him to have a daughter – just to see how he would cope," Amanda explained. “I think he’d have a completely different experience."

She continued: “I don’t know if Lauren wants more, because she’s already got two boys and Simon – who you could seriously count as a third child.

“And obviously it depends what they want. But Simon seems very at ease, and is so much more laid back since Lauren and Eric have been around.

“So for me, I’m like: ‘Bring it on!’"

Meanwhile, Amanda's fellow judge Alesha Dixon also shared on life backstage and insisted there never any rows between the panel despite the disagreements we often see on screen.

“The banter is brilliant; if something feels good, it feels good, we all like each other and have fun. That’s what makes it special," Alesha said.

The Britain's Got Talent 2017 live shows air from Monday, May 29 until Friday, June 2.


The semi-finals will air from 7:30PM on ITV with a group contestants performing each evening and two acts will make it through.

The ten finalists will then go head to head in the grand finale next SUNDAY night, June 4.

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