Love Island 2017: Caroline Flack has a warning for this year's contestants

Caroline FLack (Love Island 2017)

Love Island's Caroline Flack has revealed her advice to this year's contestants.

ITV this week revealed a brand new set of 11 contestants for the Love Island 2017 cast, but Caroline has a warning for them.


Speaking ahead of Monday's launch, Caroline explained: "I say to them, 'When you come out, there are going to be lots of things on your social media that aren’t going to be very nice. You have got to let it go over your head because you can take it so seriously and everything feels all-consuming – but it is not.'"

She continued: "I’ve been through that sort of thing and you learn from it that it is literally that much of the world and the rest of the world is so big.

"But when it is you, it feels like your whole world. I can’t give them any love advice or anything like that. I can give them social media advice."

Caroline went on to reveal she also felt protective of the contestants when they leave the villa.

"Obviously with Zara last year [who lost her Miss Great Britain crown], because she had no voice because she didn’t know what had happened I felt like I could be her voice for her," she said. "Also, as much as I loved Malin, when Terry came out he was shaking and I really felt for him.


"I sat him down and said ‘right when you go online you’ll see a lot of bad stuff, don’t respond.'"

Love Island launches Monday at 9PM on ITV2.

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