Britain's Got Talent 2017 week seven recap: Here's how the final auditions went down

Who were the last acts to make the live show shortlist? Here are all the results...

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The auditions stage of Britain's Got Talent 2017 came to an end in tonight's episode with a dance tribute to Little Mix - and a reggae singer's tribute to chicken and chips.

Before Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams faced the mammoth task of deciding the final live show line-up, there was just time for them to witness a few more try-outs.

And it seemed the judges were in a good mood, as all of this week's hopefuls secured enough yesses to make it on to their shortlist.


It wasn't quite plain sailing though, as Simon proved as tough to please as ever. His criticism of a tap dancer earned him boos from the audience - before an 80s-inspired duo left him utterly bemused.

Here are all the results from tonight's end-of-term auditions...

Code 3.
Code 3

Code 3 (4 yesses) - Teenage trio Code 3 brought tons of attitude to the BGT stage with their sassy dance moves. "I'm so excited about you!" exclaimed Alesha. "This was really good, and I think with some production around you it'd be amazing," added Simon.

David Geaney (4 yesses) - Solo tap dancer David wowed the crowd by combining his performance with eye-catching background graphics. However, although Simon gave the Irishman a yes, he had some notes: "I think the idea is better than the execution. The music actually wasn't great."

Audley Buckle (4 yesses) - Former Bob Marley support act Audley graced the spotlight with an ode to his favourite dinner: "Chicken and chips, chicken and chips, everything's gonna be alright!" The whole room clapped along - even vegetarians Amanda and Alesha. "Long may this love affair with chicken and chips go on!" said David.

Neil Henry (4 yesses) - Magician Neil performed the trick that he used to propose to his wife. He swallowed alphabet spaghetti and then regurgitated in the right order to spell 'testify', a word Alesha picked at random. David described the display as "really original", and Amanda was impressed by his "really intelligent bowels".


Empire Dance Crew (4 yesses) - Vowing to bring the "flavour of the new generation", 17-strong street crew Empire told the story of Little Mix's rise to fame via the medium of dance. "The raw talent is there. It was a blast of energy," said Alesha, with Amanda adding: "I thought it was really slick and really clean."

Lords Of Strut (3 yesses) - Lords of Strut are Irish brothers 'Famous Seamus' and 'Seantastic', and they're probably best described as the Jedward of dance. Their amusing 80s dance routine delighted the audience - but not Simon. "I'm not sure I get this, I have to say no," he grumbled, but the other three judges put them on the shortlist.

Lords of Strut.
Lords of Strut

Sue Moretta (4 yesses) - Just when it seemed that the last auditionee of the series had disappeared, full-time singer Sue popped up in the audience and instantly burst in to a rendition of 'Don't Rain On My Parade'. The judges (sans Simon) loved it so much that they climbed on the desk to dance - and David even dropped his trousers. "You're one of those people, you made us all so happy, we just wanted to join in," the comedian grinned.

Now the curtain has fallen on the theatre auditions, it's time to get excited for this week's live shows.


Stay tuned to Tellymix to find out which of this year's acts will be put to the public vote as they compete for the £250,000 grand prize.

The Britain's Got Talent 2017 semi-finals kick off on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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