The Only Way Is Essex vs Made In Chelsea: Battle of the bling!

Made In Chelsea

2010 was all about Essex. Winners of the X Factor, I’m A Celebrity and Strictly were all from Essex and of course The Only Way Is Essex smashed onto our tellies. But, is Essex under threat by some champagne swilling, Chanel bag wearing, blue-blooded Horray Henries from Chelsea?

E4’s Made In Chelsea will be exploding into our living rooms from the 9th May and we all know that the cat fights and postcode snobbery will produce some posh-tastic telly. So the only question is are you a Sugar Hut Honey or a Bijou Bunny? Either way Firebox has an amazing range of “reem” goodies that’ll have you jumping for South-East England joy.

Team Essex

Swarovski DJ HeadphonesSwarovski DJ Headphones - £1799.99
In Essex it’s all about the looks and how much you’ve paid for them, and there is no better way to show off your cash than rocking around Brentford in these bling-blinding Swarovski Crystal Headphones. These ultimate Essex headphones produce a magnificent dynamic sound and have been designed by DJs who like to be seen as well as heard, the Swarovski DJ Headphones are the perfect luxury gadget for the cash-flash audiophile.


Sparkling Gold CuvéeSparkling Gold Cuvée - £11.99
Champagne and Essex go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re partying in Sugar Hut or Glamping no-one should be without a glass of bubbly in their hand. This Sparkling Gold Cuvee is not only a gorgeous bubbly but it also contains tiny flakes of 22 carat gold.


MoontentMoontent - £34.99
Go Glamping Essex-style with the Moontent. This pop up tent, similar to Joey’s in the Glamping episode, can be pitched in seconds. So there’s no room for mistakes and more time for drinking, gossiping and of course tanning.


Rocky BathrobeEvel Knievel Bathrobe - £49.99; Rocky Bathrobe - £49.99
In the last series of The Only Way Essex we saw Mark and Kirk compete in the boxing ring, and we’re convinced Mr. Wright would love these Evil Knievel and Rocky Bathrobes. The Knievel robe features Evel’s starry blue and white colour scheme and logo emblazoned across the back and the Rocky robe includes the Italian Stallion iconic emblem.


Team Chelsea

Devon Tread 1 WatchDevon Tread 1 Watch - £10.99
The Devon Tread 1 Watch not only has the perfect price tag for a Chelsea charmer but it’ll have no problem fitting in with the Kings Road style. This mechanical masterpiece uses 4 compact microstep motors to power a series of exposed glass-nylon belts that adjust the time and date. What’s more, the crystal shield encasing its phenomenally accurate movement is made from scratch-resistant bullet-proof polycarbonate.


Zeal Optics GPS GogglesZeal Optics GPS Goggles - £449.99
The ultimate display of class, skiing as long been a display of wealth. These Zeal Optic Goggles are the funkiest Skiing equipment around, with GPS tracking and a built in LCD screen, which appears to hang six feet in front of you whilst you move. The screen shows speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled and total distance travelled – all very important for Ski-type convos with the upper crust.


Royal TeaRoyal Tea - £7.99
Afternoon tea is the height of sophistication and what better way to indulge than with a Royal Tea bag. Just pop your chosen member of the Royal family into your cup of boiling water and left them brew whilst looking like they’re relaxing in a Jacuzzi.


G-1 Glass Pool TableG-1 Glass Pool Table - £34,999
Forget grotty old snooker clubs and dingy pubs, with this £35K pool table you’ll be able to see how the upper classes play pool. The award-winning G-1 Glass Pool Table features premium quality 15mm Monolithic Float glass with exposed polished edges, a lightweight skeletal frame with fully-visible ball-return mechanism, BCA-spec pockets and K-66 bumpers.


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