Channel 5 to launch 'Love Island meets Ex On The Beach' reality series

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Channel 5 is reportedly working on a reality TV mash up of Love Island and Ex On The Beach.

All with a bit of Big Brother thrown in too.


Tentatively called We’re On A Break, the show will apparently see a group of ex couples fly out to a sunny location to see if they'll reunite or split for good.

They'll face "temptations" as they're given the chance to put their relationships to the test - or decide they actually fancy someone else on the trip.

Of course, cameras will see everything that happens, Big Brother style.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, a source explained: “These couples are in that situation where you just don’t know how you feel about the relationship until you’ve broken up with the other person, test the water with a new date or you see your ex with someone else.

“What everyone in the show would agree on is they want a better relationship than what they’ve been having. Some might sink, some might swim."

Insiders described the new show - which Channel 5 declined to comment on - as "Love Island in reverse".

"They’re not singles looking for love, these people are in established relationships potentially looking to become single again," the source explained. “Who comes home with who on the flight back to Blighty is anyone’s guess.”

News of the planned show first broke back in February, with rumours that the "outrageous" series was being pitched by Suzanne Readwin who was behind Ex On The Beach until this year.


Suzanne is certainly no stranger to reality telly, also producing Geordie Shore and The Only Way Is Essex over the years.

Could We’re On A Break be the next hit on the list?

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