Britain's Got Talent's Kyle Tomlinson says David Walliams was right to say no in 2014

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Kyle Tomlinson says David Walliams was right to reject him from Britain's Got Talent previously.

In last night's show we saw Kyle return to the show and end up with a golden buzzer from David Walliams.


Kyle began by telling the panel how he first auditioned two years ago, but was harshly told to "get a singing teacher" by David. "Me? Doesn't sound like the kind of sensible thing I'd say!" the funnyman laughed.

Having worked hard to hone his craft, Kyle sang 'Hallelujah' for his big comeback - and this time David rewarded the 15-year-old with his Golden Buzzer, sending Kyle straight through to the live shows.

"You sang with passion," he said. "I'm really glad you came back and proved me wrong."

Now Kyle has admitted that David was right to say no back when he first auditioned for BGT in 2014.

"Back then I thought I was really good, the best thing since sliced bread," Kyle recalled this weekend. “But David kind of put me in my place.


"I was absolutely gutted but he was spot-on what he said. I haven’t looked back since then to be honest.

“So I sat down and thought about it, and the day after I went to my mum and dad and I went: ‘I need singing lessons.’"

Kyle told The Sun how his grandparents funded his ambition with 30 minutes of vocal training each week, spending "a lot of money."

“But they are thrilled for me now," he continued. “They couldn’t be there as my grandad is in hospital with cancer, but he was waiting by the phone to hear, and he was so happy when I told him.


“I am going to dedicate my semi-final song to him, because he’ll be watching, and I 100 per cent want to try to win this for him.”

Britain's Got Talent 2017 continues Saturday night on ITV.

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